Commercial Inspection

Paragon Inspection specializes in the inspection of a wide range of commercial properties from industrial spaces to apartment buildings, as well as strip centers and office buildings.  Property investors utilize commercial property inspections to aid in making important financial decisions related to a potential property purchase.  In light of this, we provide property owners and investors with a detailed and informative Property Condition Report. This report will indeed aid in making sound investment decisions. Schedule your Katy TX Home Inspector!

Whether you are purchasing a 600-square foot office space or a multi-unit apartment complex, we will surely work hard to document the current condition of your potential investment.


  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Small Industrial Properties
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Stand Alone Buildings (Quick Lube, Gas Station, Day Care, Walgreens, Best Buy, etc.)
  • Churches
  • Combination Retail/Residential Buildings
  • Bank/Restaurant/Bars
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Medical
  • Self-Storage
  • Lease Inspections

What Should You Expect From A Commercial Inspection?

You don’t want to commit to a commercial property purchase without, of course, understanding the condition of what you’re purchasing. You will certainly need a professional commercial inspection.

The inspection process will be conducted by a licensed inspector. The property condition report will explicitly discuss all observations and pictures of the defects identified. It covers both the interior and exterior of the property. The report covers critical areas such as roofing, walls, electrical, as well as plumbing. It also includes crucial areas such as HVAC, foundation, and anything related to the structural condition of the property.

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a commercial property, an inspection will give you the information you need to accurately assess your investment’s condition.

They were very thorough and the pictures of everything were excellent quality. We got multiple reminder emails and one confirming the appointment as well as an explanation of how the whole process worked. We had the option to be there to go over the inspection report in person as well. We did not choose this option but it’s nice to know we could have taken advantage of that option

~Maleeya C


One of the best neighborhoods in Texas, Katy City, and its surrounding areas have had incredible property sales in 2020, one-third of which are new construction homes.

With its diverse economy and thriving real estate industry, living in Katy, TX and its surrounding areas offers families and young professionals a safe and sound environment with a sparse suburban feel. And if you are looking to buy or sell your property, Paragon Inspection will be there to help you make your most informed decision.

Buying a home can be exciting, yet daunting. But no matter how desirable a home may appear to be, it just wouldn’t be completely reassuring without a home inspection. Our licensed professionals at Paragon Inspection will conduct a thorough home inspection service in all areas of your property to check for any issues, from the foundation to the roof.

Our positive reviews showcase our commitment to demonstrate outstanding service, making sure your home will be worth your investment.

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