Pool and Spa Inspection

Swimming Pools and Spas can certainly be a great addition to a home. They provide many years of service, entertainment, and relaxation to their owners when they’re in tip-top condition.  Pools are expensive to install and repairs can be costly.  For that reason, it is a great idea to have a pool check-up as part of the home inspection process. Schedule your Home Inspection Katy TX now!

Items that will be evaluated during a pool/spa inspection include:

  • Safety barriers, fencing and lifesaving equipment.
  • Drain safety compliance.
  • An electrical evaluation of the observable portions of the pool electrical system.
  • Evaluation of the pool’s pumps, filters and above-ground piping.
  • Operability and condition of pool heaters.
  • Condition of the pools decking, concrete walking surfaces and the observable portions of the pool’s underwater surfaces.
  • Operation and condition of hot tubs/spas.

Chris was very professional and talked with us throughout the inspection. He was very detailed in the inspection and answered all our questions. We received our report pretty quickly which helped us continue with our home buying process move on to the next step. Thank you so much! – Marie Fontanilla


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Home Inspection Katy TX | Katy TX | Paragon Inspection

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