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September will probably still feel like summer until that first chill in the air. August may still be too hot for most of the month in many parts of the United States. But, before giving your backyard barbecue party or swimming pool float one last hoorah, there are home items to list and make sure these safety and maintenance tasks don’t fall through the cracks in September.

As the sunshine and warm weather mellow into lower temperatures of the fall season, don’t forget your home improvement checklist. While the kids are in school and you notice that first chill in the air, it’s time to begin the tasks to get your home ready for the cooler evenings.

Here are 5-home improvement tasks that can be checked off your list in an hour during the weekdays or over the weekend.


1. Check The Roof, Gutters, And Downspouts.

Let’s start with the home’s exterior. It’s a great time to check for and spot roof issues. Using a ladder, carefully climb up the roof to get a closer look at its condition. Are there any missing, bent, loose, or broken shingles? Whether it be small shingle replacements to bigger roof repairs such as fixing leaks or cracks, roof problems can often wreak havoc for the entire home if not taken care of before the cold weather sets in. Your roof is a very important part of your house that protects you, your family, and everything else in it from the elements. It is also listed as one of the most expensive home repairs. So get issues fixed fast.

September brings showers and potentially heavy rain. It is generally fine to wait until most leaves have fallen to clean out gutters and downspouts. However, waiting too long can cause leaks in some areas of the house that might hold water. Clear out the gutter and downspouts of leaves, grime buildup, sticks, and other debris that can clog your home’s exterior drainage and cause bigger water issues. This also helps cut down on mosquito activity. 

Do a quick visual inspection for any loose, dented, detached, or broken downspouts. Make necessary repairs or replacements if needed. Hire a pro to schedule an inspection, any repairs, and replacements so that your home will be ready for the cold season.

2. Check Walkways, Driveway, And The Garage For Cracks.

As a part of your exterior home maintenance, a good sweep on the walkways, driveway, and garage will give you a chance to notice any cracks or crevices. Gaps where water can seep in or grass and weeds can grow out of can cause more damage. Especially in the areas where water can freeze, expand the gaps, and create frost heaves or ugly bulges that are unsafe for you and your family. Having these cracks and crevices resealed before winter will make sure you are out of your harm’s way.

Cracks on walkways and driveways hold moisture beneath the surface. Any grass or weed that sends its roots down below the walkways and driveway has access to trapped moisture. Plants that sprout up through the cracks in the walkways and driveways are common annoyances and hard to control. Making sure to extract the entire roots will prevent these from sprouting up again. This will prevent any tripping or falling accident and further costly repairs. 

Small cracks can be tackled with a concrete epoxy repair and shouldn’t take you more than a few hours. For serious cracks and concrete damages, call in a professional. 

3. Get Your Heating System Prepared.

After a summer filled with nonstop barbecue, pool parties, family gatherings, and just general outdoor fun, it’s time to get those fuzzy sweaters and heaters ready for the fall season. It’s probably been a while since you’ve turned on your home’s heating system. Now is the time to get your system checked or fixed before the cold weather sets in. 

Calling in a licensed HVAC professional will make sure everything is working efficiently. Besides normal service, an HVAC professional can test furnace burners, switches, thermostats, and safety controls, check heating vents and any costly leaks, and inspect your furnace.

Getting your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned is a matter homeowners should not disregard. A certified chimney sweep can remove soot, heavy creosote buildup, and other debris that could cause fires. Regular maintenance of your chimney and fireplace will help to keep you and your family safe by preventing fire hazards in your home.


4. Inspect Bathroom And Kitchen Plumbing.

The summer barbecue grilling and roasting season is coming to an end (though in some places, it can be a year-round thing). It’s time to get that caked-on grease cleaned out. Cleaning out the range hood funnel and oven can be a job you can do yourself, but if you’re not comfortable doing so or if you’ve been putting it off for weeks, you can hire pro cleaners to do it for you. Getting your kitchen appliances also cleaned will help your devices work more efficiently, reduce fire risks, and even improve your home’s air quality.

If you’ve run into a plumbing problem in your kitchen or bathrooms, September is your best time to get your maintenance work or plumbing renovations done. 

Leaky faucets can be highly detrimental to your house. Not only does dripping water sound annoying, but it can also cause your water bill to skyrocket and potentially cause drain clogs and overflows that could lead to significant damages. Check for faulty faucet knobs, worn valve seats, loose pipes, and more. 

From minor maintenance tasks to hiring a pro for major plumbing repairs and renovations, remember that the time and money you spend on this home improvement task now will be considerably less than revamping a whole house in the frosty months. Make sure that caulking around sinks and tubs is good enough for waterproofing or insulation.

5. Make Sure Doors, And Windows Have Tight Seals.

As summer’s heatwaves start to fade and temperatures cool down in the latter part of September, rain and severe storms may become more evident in many parts of the US. Giving some special attention to your doors and windows now will help you prepare for colder temperatures to come.

Keep the cold out by checking the caulking around your door and windows. Make sure they have a tight seal. Any worn caulking and displaced weather stripping should be replaced. Having your doors and windows sealed tight will provide a break between the temperatures inside and outside your home. 

If you’re using window air conditioning units, it is good to cover them with protective insulation. Better yet, remove the AC units and close the windows. If you’ve got storm windows, install them. If your home warranty can cover a total replacement, call in the pros.

September is a great time to enjoy the warm sunshine and clear blue skies for most of the month. A handy home improvement checklist can become your yearly ritual. Tackling a few painless tasks can save you major stress and repair costs down the road, or hire the pros to get your home ready for the fall season. 

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