Planning to Buy a Home? Then Read This

If you are planning to purchase a home and that you are a first-time homebuyer, you might have too many questions in mind at the moment. After all, this might be the biggest investment you could ever make in your entire life. Right, purchasing a home is not just an ordinary expense. It’s an investment of a lifetime. So better yet, make things right, right?

More often than not, people wonder if there are a number of necessary steps before acquiring that dream home. Well, after setting your eyes upon that dream house, get a home inspection. That is the wisest decision you could ever make. It’s not like you’d buy a garment and you found out the seams were not thoroughly sewn so yeah you could just get your materials and fix it on your own. Well, I wish it’d be that easy.

The thing is, it never will be that easy to fix something so huge if it’s already taking a toll on everything there is. Think about people getting lung cancer even if they don’t smoke. They were unaware of radon gas lurking around their home. The radon gas levels were not mitigated because they did not even know that gas existed!

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How much does a Home Inspection Cost?

How much does a Home Inspection Cost? The home buying process can be financially overwhelming as much as it is emotionally. We all know that owning the dream home also means spending huge amounts of money for the down payment, real estate transaction fees, and other expenses. This is also one of the reasons why…

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Can COVID-19 Live on Surfaces?

  Can COVID-19 Live On Surfaces? Everyday Steps You Can Do To Avoid This Helpful Information About COVID-19 Prevention From Paragon Inspection! “People could catch COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces or objects – and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth.”- World Health Organization According to the World Health Organization, it is not yet certain…

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We’re Still In Business And Doing A Safe Home Inspection In Spite Of COVID-19

We’re Still In Business And Doing A Safe Home Inspection In Spite Of COVID-19 The current COVID-19 outbreak is a concern that we take very seriously. We are still in business and want to communicate with our clients, agents, and employees on the steps we’re taking amidst the crisis.  We want to keep the inspection…

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Houston, TX Home Inspection Company Announces Newly Launched Website

Home Inspection Company Announces Newly Launched Website Premier home inspection company from West Houston, TX, Paragon Inspection announces their newly launched website. This website is beautifully crafted with comprehensive features, from a list of services to client reviews. More details of the services they offer are available on their website: Paragon Inspection is a…